Building a City of the Future

8 May 2019

With guest Jeff Blau - CEO, Related Companies


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Is Hudson Yards the future of urban living? New York City’s newest neighborhood is now home to L’Oréal, SAP, Blackrock, Time Warner, and Coach, just to name a few. Famous chefs are opening restaurants. There’s residential space, public art, green space, retail shops, and a huge arts center called The Shed. Jeff Blau is the CEO of Related, the company behind Hudson Yards. He joins the podcast to talk about what went into the 10+ year process of planning, designing, and “curating” the world’s most ambitious real estate project.

Listen to this podcast episode to learn:

  • How Related built “critical mass” by designing areas that compliment each other
  • The thinking that went into the Vessel, the beehive-looking experiential art piece you’ve seen on Instagram
  • How Jeff and his team pivoted from their original marketing strategy after learning the top priority of hundreds of CEOs
  • Why brick and mortar retail is alive and well
  • The insight that inspired the first-ever Equinox hotel, and why it’s primed to disrupt the hospitality industry
  • What’s next in Related’s pipeline, including new developments in London, Chicago, Silicon Valley, and Boston’s Seaport neighborhood