Leading an Organization Through Uncertainty and Change

15 December 2021

With guest Corie Barry - CEO, Best Buy


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When Corie Barry took over as CEO of Best Buy in the summer of 2019, she — nor any of us — could have foreseen what would soon come next. Now, nearly two years into leading one of the world’s largest consumer electronics retailers through a global pandemic, Corie says the experience has only reinforced her leadership philosophy: “I am here to create the conditions for other amazing leaders to be successful.” Corie joins the podcast to give an inside look at how she became CEO of Best Buy and what she’s learned about the role along the way. She also talks about how Best Buy’s purpose of “enriching lives through technology” has come into sharp focus, driving and uniting the organization in innovative ways — and leading to exciting changes in how the company serves both its customers and its employees now and in the future.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • How a Midwestern work ethic, artist parents, and a drive to make the world a better place helped shape Corie into the leader she is today
  • Why retailers can’t force customer behavior, but rather need to “get out of the way” and focus on delivering a frictionless experience
  • The value of communication in any large organization with so many stakeholders in times of “stacked crises”
  • How tailoring employee benefits for working parents and caregivers creates a “scaffolding” that helps them succeed at work and in life
  • The reason and strategy behind why Best Buy is entering the health space
  • How sustainability and being a part of the circular consumer electronics economy is a competitive advantage for a retailer like Best Buy
  • Advice for young people aspiring to one day become a CEO