Live (and Work) Like a Rebel

23 April 2019

With guest Francesca Gino - Author & Harvard Business School Professor


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David Bowie sang about one. Star Wars had an Alliance of them. James Dean portrayed one. Why is it that we admire rebels? Is there value in breaking the rules? Harvard Business School Professor Francesca Gino has studied rebels past and present, hailing from all walks of life, all around the world. She even wrote a book about it: Rebel Talent: Why it Pays to Break the Rules at Work and in Life. In our first-ever live recording at the Interbrand Academy Masterclass, Gino explains why nonconformity and rule breaking brings more joy, creativity, and meaning into our lives professionally and personally.

Listen to this podcast episode to learn:

  • The five defining characteristics of a rebel talent
  • The difference between constructive rebelliousness and toxic arrogance
  • What rule breakers like three-Michelin-star Italian chef, Massimo Bottura, Captain Sully Sullenberger, and other rebellious leaders teach us about the value of perspective
  • How embracing novelty frees us from the grinding routines we blindly follow at work and in life
  • Why fearless curiosity and reconnecting with childlike questions of “why?” are the ultimate rebel moves
  • How to be a rebel, even in companies and cultures where breaking the rules is discouraged

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Photo by: Lee Delulio