Rise of the Tech Humanist

1 May 2019

With guest Kate O’Neill - Author and strategic advisor


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Understanding what makes humans human is an essential question for any company today. Especially the ones embarking on a digital transformation — or any tech initiative. This is the subject of Kate O’Neill’s book, Tech Humanist: How You Can Make Technology Better for Business and Better for Humans. O’Neill, an author, keynote speaker, and strategic advisor, joins the podcast to explain why we need a new type of leader: the Tech Humanist. And why human experience, perspective, and empathy are the best guides for digital innovation.

Listen to this episode to learn:
• What Best Buy, Starbucks, Apple, and Southwest Airlines get right about customer experience

• Why the act of “creating meaning” is so important to designing digital experiences

• The trade-offs between convenience and data privacy

• Why we need “benevolent business,” not “benevolent robots”

• Why measuring a company’s success based on profit alone is inherently one-dimensional

• The flaws and risks in taking a tech-led, rather than a research-led, approach to digital transformation

More information on Tech Humanist: www.koinsights.com/techhumanistbook/