To Change Behavior, ‘Start at the End’

19 June 2019

With guest Matt Wallaert - Author and Chief Behavioral Officer


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Matt Wallaert believes “behavioral science can change the world.” In his new book, Start at the End, he argues that too many business leaders approach change by asking the wrong question: “What are we going to do?” The right question is, “What do we want to happen?” and then how do you build backwards towards that behavior change? Wallaert is a behavioral scientist, author, speaker, entrepreneur, and Chief Behavioral Officer at Clover Health. He joins the podcast to talk about why companies need to put behavior at the center of everything they do.

Listen to this podcast episode to learn:

  • Why advertising and marketing should focus on behavior change rather than just attention and presentation
  • What M&Ms vs. Snickers can teach us about “promoting pressures” and “inhibiting pressures” on human behavior
  • Why market research needs to be forward looking and, possibly, split into two primary functions
  • The value of a behavioral statement and why companies should articulate one
  • Why every company needs (but likely doesn’t have) a Chief Behavioral Officer
  • More from Wallaert’s book about his process for creating behavioral change

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