Protecting our Future Amid Rising Global Risks

12 August 2021

With guest Oliver Bäte - CEO, Allianz


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Most of us understand the role insurance plays in managing risks in our personal lives. But some insurance companies play a larger role in protecting us from the economic consequences of the global risks that threaten society. Floods. Fires. Pandemics. Cyberattacks. Climate change. Risks that are making the world more dangerous — and that are accelerating at an alarming pace. Oliver Bäte, CEO of Allianz, the world’s largest insurance company and asset management firm, joins us for a frank, in-depth discussion about why it’s critical to make investments in risk-prevention measures and infrastructure, and hold governments and business leaders accountable. He also discusses the role insurers, asset owners, and asset managers play in mobilizing resources and lending their expertise to secure our future.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  •  The risks of over-investing in consumer spending and under-investing in making infrastructure resilient
  • Why, as events like floods and fires become more destructive and occur at a higher frequency, the economic cost through insurance can (at some point) become unbearable for consumers
  • How Allianz has worked with the United Nations to establish pathways to get to net-zero emissions through initiatives like the Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance
  • Steps Allianz took to respond to the global threat of Covid-19 in the earliest days of the pandemic
  • How increased government spending due to the pandemic could create dire economic and social consequences for future generations
  • Advice for leaders on how to stay more personally connected to customers and the outside world — especially in times of crisis