At a global turning point

26 April 2022

With guest Patricia Cohen - Global Economics Correspondent, The New York Times


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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has triggered the largest humanitarian and refugee crisis in Europe since WWII, threatening the global economy and upending decades of relative geopolitical stability. Patricia Cohen, Global Economics Correspondent at The New York Times, believes we’re at a “real turning point” in global affairs and a “time of incredible unpredictability.” She’s been covering this story since the war in Ukraine began from an economic perspective, reporting on how other nations, particularly European nations, are responding to Russian aggression and the impact the crisis is having on their economies. Patricia joins the podcast to discuss how the war in Ukraine has overturned decades of active integration and positive cooperation between advanced industrial democracies and is moving globalization as we know it into a new, more regionalized phase.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • How a Russian economy that only accounts for between 1% to 2% of global GDP still has the ability to disrupt everything from global energy markets, to supply chains, to food security
  • Why governments, businesses, and consumers are conflicted over their own self-interest and their moral principles when it comes to how far they’re willing to go in response to the war
  • Did European nations naively miscalculate their heavy dependence on Russian oil and gas (and is the war — not climate change — going to finally accelerate the adoption of renewable energy)?
  • Why we should be concerned about the huge debt crisis and food shortage that’s looming among poorer nations
  • Where this conflict might be headed and why this crisis might have opened an opportunity for global cooperation

For more information on Patricia Cohen and her coverage, visit here.