Wall Street Has Failed Women

27 August 2019

With guest Sallie Krawcheck - CEO and co-founder, Ellevest


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Money isn’t “male.” But men certainly have more of it. Without enough money to live independently and fund their retirement, it’s women who will suffer. After spending more than 20 years as one of Wall Street’s top executives, Sallie Krawcheck is now on a mission to put more money in the hands — and retirement accounts — of women. She’s CEO and co-founder of Ellevest, a digital investing platform for women. Krawcheck joins the podcast for a frank discussion about how the financial industry has failed women, and what she and her diverse team at Ellevest are doing differently to close the gender investment gap and empower “Elles” everywhere.

Listen to this episode to learn:
• Why the retirement savings crisis in America is a women’s crisis

• What financial companies get wrong about female investors

• Why it’s not about marketing existing investment products to women, it’s about designing better ones for them

• That despite concrete economic benefits, gender diversity on Wall Street has regressed since the financial crash

• The relationship between the gender pay gap and the gender investment gap — and what we can do to fix it

• Who is “Elle,” and what does she mean for Ellevest?

• How algorithmic bias hurts women, society, and the economy

• What is the “Pink Tax”?

• Career advice for entrepreneurs and young women

For more information: ellevest.com