It’s Gotta Have Soul

6 February 2019

With guest Tina Sharkey - Co-founder & CEO, Brandless


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Tina Sharkey is an entrepreneurial force. Since the days of the dial-up modem, she has been building communities, companies, and brands “with soul.” Today, she’s co-founder and CEO of Brandless, a fast-growing startup that’s putting everything from gluten-free hand cream to healthy snacks into the hands of more people at affordable prices. Sharkey says she’s “so done” with false narratives. Instead, she’s focused on scaling kindness. On the podcast, she explains the DNA of Brandless and how its success is rooted in trust, transparency, and community.

Listen to this episode to learn:
• How to build a values-driven brand in a world where trust is eroding
• Tools and tips for building a culture around customers (including handwritten thank-you notes!)
• How the Brandless team looks to its community for insights, on everything from lifestyle choice to what’s on the label
• What’s next for Sharkey, Brandless, and the growing do-good ethos