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Amanda Hesser

Co-CEO, Food52

Amanda Hesser, Co-CEO of Food52, joins the podcast to talk about the company’s natural progression -- not perceived expansion! -- from food into all aspects of the home, and how she and her team have built a brand that’s genuine, soulful, and “for people who see food at the center of a well-lived life.”

Arvind Krishna

Chairman and CEO, IBM

How IBM has evolved its business away from computer hardware, shifting focus on consulting and developing and deploying next-generation technologies like hybrid cloud, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing.

Tekedra Mawakana

co-CEO, Waymo

Tekedra Mawakana, Waymo’s co-CEO, discusses the mission to solve “the greatest engineering challenge of our generation” and how autonomous driving technology is giving people freedom of movement while making the roads safer for all.

Francesco Starace

CEO, Enel

A discussion about the future of energy, why “electrifying society” is achievable well before 2050, and the forces changing the way we consume (and produce) energy.

David Rodin

Founder and Chair, Principia Advisory

A discussion on why ethics is a competitive advantage that informs and underlies business decisions, and why this “generational shift” towards ethics will be a defining aspect of business for decades to come.

Patricia Cohen

Global Economics Correspondent, The New York Times

Patricia Cohen discusses how the war in Ukraine has overturned decades of active integration and positive cooperation between advanced industrial democracies and is moving globalization as we know it into a new, more regionalized phase.