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Bill Walshe

CEO of Viceroy Hotel Group

A luxury hotel brand has to strike a delicate balance between delivering an exceptional guest experience that’s both consistent and one-of-a-kind.

Amy Edmondson

Harvard Business School Professor & Author

The benefits of creating psychological safety in the workplace and why it’s essential for learning, innovation, and growth in the knowledge economy

Steve Blank

Author & Stanford University Adjunct Professor

Large companies are not bigger versions of startups anymore so than startups are smaller versions of large companies. Applying lean startup methods in large companies creates “innovation theater” and not real innovation, according to Steve Blank, co-founder of the Lean Startup. Steve joins the podcast to explain why and to discuss his next big idea for business: the Innovation Doctrine.

Jason Robins

CEO and co-founder, DraftKings

How the culture, regulations, and business around sports betting is changing in the United States

Eric Allison

Head of Uber Elevate

Flying cars have always been a sci-fi fantasy, not a reality. That may be changing sooner than we realize.

Bernie Banks

Associate Dean for Leadership Development and Professor at the Kellogg School of Management

Former Brigadier General, and Associate Dean, Bernie Banks explains his eight core leadership principles and draws parallels between effective leadership in the military and in business.