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Thomas Buberl


Thomas Buberl, CEO of AXA, explains how his role and the company mission as new risks emerge in a volatile world.

Todd Unger

Chief Experience Officer, American Medical Association

How the AMA is transforming from a “membership” experience to a “subscription-based” experience

Kelly Leonard

Executive Director of Applied Improvisation, Second City Works

Improv is "human being practice" that teaches us how to listen and focus effectively, collaborate with others, and be ready for change.

Safi Bahcall

Author, physicist, & former biotech company CEO

Why we need to make changes to the structure of a company (not the culture) in order to nurture "loonshot" ideas

Nicolaj Siggelkow and Christian Terwiesch

Professors at the Wharton School

What is a connected strategy, and what are the benefits for companies and customers alike?

Bari Harlam

CMO, Hudson's Bay Company

Bari Harlam, Chief Marketing Officer at Hudson’s Bay Company, takes us inside the company’s “radically better” culture.